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Tulips and Beer and Chocolates, Oh My!

These fantastic River Cruises have something for everyone

Spring in the Netherlands and Belgium is a truly magical time, with tulip season transforming the landscape into a vibrant sea of colors. Imagine cruising along picturesque waterways, surrounded by fields of blooming tulips, historic windmills, and charming Dutch and Belgium towns. If this sounds like a dream come true, now is the perfect time to book one of these fantastic river cruises. Here are three exceptional journeys that promise an unforgettable exploration of Europe’s enchanting waterways.

Avalon Tulip Time Cruise for Beer Enthusiasts

Embark on a unique river cruise that combines the beauty of spring in the Netherlands with a passion for beer. This specialized cruise is designed for beer enthusiasts who want to savor local brews while exploring the stunning Dutch countryside.


  • Exclusive Beer-Themed Excursions: Delve into the world of Dutch beer with exclusive brewery tours and tastings. Learn about the brewing traditions and enjoy samples of the finest local beers.

  • Breathtaking Scenery: Sail through the Dutch countryside, adorned with vibrant tulip fields and iconic windmills. Each day offers a new vista of natural beauty and cultural heritage.

  • Exquisite Dining Experience: Indulge in amazing cuisine inspired by the flavors of the regions you visit. Each meal is a culinary journey, showcasing the best of Dutch and international cuisine.

AMA Waterways Tulip Time Cruise

Experience the essence of spring in the Netherlands on this captivating cruise that highlights the beauty of tulip season and the rich culture of the Dutch countryside.


  • Guided City Tours: Explore the vibrant cities of the Netherlands with expertly guided tours of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and other charming towns along the way.

  • Tulip Festival: Immerse yourself in the annual Tulip Festival, wandering through fields of tulips in every hue. Capture the beauty of spring with stunning photos and memories to last a lifetime.

  • Onboard Wellness Activities: Stay active and refreshed with a variety of onboard wellness activities, including yoga classes and fitness centers offering panoramic views of the scenic landscapes.

Scenic Cruises Windmills, Tulips, and Belgian Delights

Indulge in a luxurious river cruise that combines the beauty of spring in the Netherlands with the rich culture and culinary delights of Belgium. This all-encompassing journey offers a perfect blend of relaxation, exploration, and gastronomic experiences.


  • Culinary Delights: Savor a variety of gourmet dining options, featuring regional specialties and international cuisine. With multiple dining venues to choose from, every meal is a culinary adventure.

  • Exclusive Cultural Experiences: Participate in unique cultural activities, from traditional Belgian chocolate making workshops to guided tours of historic landmarks, offering a rich and immersive experience.

  • Luxurious Onboard Amenities: Relax in style with luxurious onboard amenities, including spacious suites, a wellness area with a heated pool, and a sun deck offering panoramic views of the scenic landscapes.

All three of these river cruises are fantastic options - but they may not be the right option for you. There are many other river cruise companies on the market. As your travel advisor, I will sit down to you to find out what's important to you, find out what type of traveller you are, and match you to the best river cruise line and itinerary that suits your needs.

The above video shows the Avalon Passion docked near Kinderdijk in early March.

River cruises are very popular, and availability for the most sought-after itineraries can fill up quickly. Now is the best time to book your Tulip Time cruise for next year.

Flexible Booking Policies: Many cruise lines are offering flexible booking policies, allowing you to book with confidence and peace of mind knowing that you can make changes to your booking if needed.

Plan Ahead and Save: Early booking often comes with significant savings and added perks, such as onboard credits, complimentary excursions, and cabin upgrades.

Peace of Mind: Secure your dream vacation now and have something wonderful to look forward to. With the uncertainty of travel restrictions and availability, booking early ensures you can choose the perfect itinerary and travel dates that suit you best.

Embark on a journey of a lifetime and experience the magic of Europe’s enchanting waterways. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast, a nature lover, or a cultural explorer, there’s a river cruise waiting to fulfill your travel dreams. Don’t miss out on these amazing experiences – book your European river cruise for next year today!


To book your next dream vacation - when the time is right to travel - reach out to me through email at, or by calling 587 772 2525. I am located in Sherwood Park, Alberta (a suburb of Edmonton), and am a Travel Advisor specializing in River Cruising. I am the owner/operator of Evening Star Travel, and I book travel for clients all across Canada.

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