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My Top 9 Tips, Tricks and Info for River Cruising!

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Check out my latest video with my top 9 tips, tricks and things to keep in mind for River Cruising in Europe.

1. Berthing

- River Cruise ships will often dock side by side against a dock. As a result you may need to climb over other ships in order to get to the shore. This is a relatively easy process, but does require the ability to walk and climb over stairs. Also, as a result of this, your view will often be of another cabin on another ship. It is recommended to keep your blinds closed at night or when you are away (and keep your room secure).

2. Local Region

- While being on the ship is always very nice - I would highly recommend having lunch in town when you are able to. It gives a very nice taste of local life.

3. Bikes

- Unless you are familiar with riding a bike in a town in Europe, I would not recommend taking a bike into town. I would highly recommend taking a bike onto trails outside of town if that is something you are interested in, as they are generally extensive and lovely.

4. Locks

- You will pass some locks during your time onboard, though they may be at night. Locks are an amazing engineering marvel and I do recommend seeing at least one from start to finish. After you have seen one, the time spent going through the locks are a good time to have a shower!

5. Excursions

- The excursions included in your tour are for the most part fantastic. However, always remember that you never have to take them, and you can go off on your own if you would like. Before you head off on your own, just remember to find out what time to be back at the ship/bus.

6. Sundays (and sometimes Mondays, and sometimes Saturday afternoons)

- On Sundays many stores close and sometimes excursions are not available. Check with your cruise director. Adjust your plans accordingly.

7. Sailing Day

- When you have a sailing day I highly recommend talking to your cruise director to find out when the most picturesque sailing time is.

8. Beverages

- You are welcome to bring aboard any beverage that you wish and consume it in any location onboard.

9. Ever Changing

- River cruising is very much a go-with-the-flow type of travel. Due to the ever changing river conditions, the schedule can change quickly and without notice. High or low river levels can cause disruptions to your trip, but rest assured that your travel provider will do everything in their power to make your trip as seamless as possible. I would not recommend making set-in-stone plans for any stop listed.

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