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As I'm sure you've heard, airports are a bit crazy right now, with understaffing being the biggest culprit. See my video and read my tips below on how to survive airports right now, and really anytime.

Here are my top 8 tips for surviving flying right now (and really at any point in time):

  1. If you can drive it in less than 7 hrs - do it - don't fly - drive. I realize gas prices are crazy right now - but nowhere near as crazy as flying. Avoid if you can.

  2. Download the app of the airline you are flying with. They will often have the promptest updates on flight delays and cancellations

  3. Fly to your destination as early as possible in the day, and even the day before if possible. The later the flight is the greater the chance it will be delayed or cancelled.

  4. Pack your patience. Every place is short staffed right now and many are trying to train new staff.

  5. Get insurance. There are so many types of insurance, including trip delay, and lost luggage insurance - get insurance.

  6. If you have a layover, make sure it is longer than you think you need. 3 hr layovers is my recommended layover time (depending on the circumstance). Flights are delayed by an hour all the time - give yourself extra time!

  7. If possible, only do carry on - don't check a bag. If you have to check a bag, look into getting an airtags or tile tracking device.

  8. Don't book "basic" seats on airlines, and book directly with airlines. If you must sit beside someone, pay for advanced seat selection.

These are my top tips for surviving airports - do you have another tip? Post your tip below!


To book your next dream vacation - when the time is right to travel - reach out to me through email at, or by calling 587 772 2525. I am located in Sherwood Park, Alberta (a suburb of Edmonton), and am a Travel Advisor specializing in River Cruising, Beach Escapes, and Custom Vacations. I am the owner/operator of Evening Star Travel, and I book travel for clients all across Canada.

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