Fees and Benefits

Consultations are always free! I am happy to meet with you at a time that works with both of our schedules to find out who you are and what your dreams, wants, needs and dislikes are. I want to build a relationship - not just sell a vacation. A trip is a big decision, and this helps us find out if we are a good fit for each other.

Charging a booking fee allows us to meet with you and personalize your service. We are not locked in to suppliers that pay a high commission - we can truly book you the trip that is best for you. The rates listed below are charged per household per trip. Rates are subject to change.

Basic Booking Fee:           $100+tax CAD

Your Trip Your Way

We will help you book your trip in the way that best suits your travel needs. Whether it means booking flight, car and hotel separate or an all-inclusive package, condo, rental car or home rental property, we will book what suits your needs.

Detailed Travel Itinerary        


Receive a detailed timeline itinerary designed through the award winning itinerary planning tool Travefy. This tool outlines your trip on a day-to-day basis. All confirmation numbers and details are in one place.

Peace of Mind

We will be there every step of the way, and be your single point of contact if something goes sideways. While you are on your trip you will have my personal cell phone number, allowing you to reach me at any time day or night.

Allergy Aware Travel Service

If you are traveling with somebody with a food allergy or intolerance, I will provide an allergy translation card (if necessary), along with a list of food that should be safe, and inside information on the food scene in the area you are traveling to (please note that we can never guarantee that a food reaction won't occur, the final onus is on you the traveler to make decisions about your health, please consult your Dr. prior to traveling). 

This booking fee is charged at the time that final payment is required for your trip.

Disneyland Booking Fee           $150+tax CAD

Includes all the items outlined under the "Basic Booking Fee", plus:

Daily Park Touring Plan

I will develop a touring plan schedule for each day you are in a park, customized to the rides that are a priority to you. You don’t always need to follow a plan, but it’s never a bad idea to have one!

Advanced Dining Reservations 

I will make all of your Advanced Dining Reservations and ensure that they coordinate with your trip plans. Extra coffee is required this day as reservations open at 5 am MST/MDT!

$75 is charged upfront, and $75 is charged once everything is booked.

Walt Disney World Booking Fee           $200+tax CAD

Includes all the items outlined under the "Basic Booking Fee" and "Disneyland Booking Fee", plus:

My Disney Experience Setup

Setup of your “My Disney Experience” account. Linking all of your park experiences and bookings.


Fast Pass Setup

I will make all of your Fast Pass selections and ensure that they coordinate with your trip plans. Extra coffee is also required this day as reservations open at 7 am EST/EDT!

$100 is charged upfront as a deposit, and $100 is charged once everything is booked.

Customized Tour Planning                     $200+tax CAD and up

Includes everything that is listed under "Basic Booking Fee".


Looking at booking something very complicated with multiple destinations? I would love to help you plan your trip! My rates for this vary depending on how many parts are involved and how detailed your trip plan is. Contact me today to start planning the trip of your dreams!

Wedding Honeymoon Registry                       $300+tax CAD and up

Includes everything that is listed under "Basic Booking Fee".


Planning a wedding is stressful enough! We will provide you with everything that is needed for a wedding registry. We will provide custom invitation slips to add in to your invitations, and each guest who contributes to your honeymoon fund will receive a custom gift card to then give back to the bride and groom. 


Your guests will get in touch with me directly, and can contribute any amount they desire to your honeymoon. 

Together we can plan your dream honeymoon for directly after the wedding, or for anytime in the future.

Proud to be an Independent Travel Agent through Nexion Travel Group Canada

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