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“Collect moments, not things”

– Aarti Khurana

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Indulgent Beach Escapes

The beauty of a beach vacation is that you can make it whatever kind of escape you want. These escapes come in many shapes, sizes, and budgets.

Here at Evening Star Travel, we listen, so that you get exactly what you are looking for. We have built relationships with many different properties and industry partners to elevate every experience. 

Scroll down to see a sample of some of the different kinds of beach escapes you can dream about.

All-Inclusive Packages

All-Inclusive vacations are often what people think of when they think of a beach escape. These trips are a great way to unwind and not have to worry about being nickel and dimed. All-Inclusive vacations come in many shapes and sizes with different levels of luxury and inclusions. All-Inclusive resorts are found across the world, but the most common are located in Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean.  

Over The Water Bungalows

Over-the-water Bungalows epitomize the world of a luxurious beach vacation. Imagine being able to wake up from your decadent pillow top bed, and immediately dive into the water to go snorkeling. Most of these resorts are a long plane ride away in Maldives, French Polynesia, and Fiji. However, some are closer to home in Mexico, Jamaica, Belize, and Panama.

Snorkeling and SCUBA diving

There are many things to consider when you are looking for snorkeling and SCUBA diving trips. Some resorts have facilities where you can snorkel right off the beach, others include SCUBA packages. Resort areas with great diving include (but aren't limited to): the Riviera Maya, Australia, the Cayman Islands, Belize, Honduras, and French Polynesia.  

Ancient And Modern Cultures

A beach vacation doesn't just have to mean lazing on the beach or in front of a pool. It can also mean exploring the local culture and becoming immersed in it. There is so much potential in exploring the local area, from visiting Mayan ruins, to eating your way through Bali, or exploring the markets on the Canary Islands. The possibilities are endless.  

Marine And On The Water

Imagine waking up every morning at a new beach. There are a plethora of different boating options that allow you to explore many of the tropical beach locations around the world. This wide range of traveling options includes a 5000 passenger ocean cruise ship in the Caribbean, a 16 passenger yacht exploring the Galapagos, or a sailboat in the Mediterranean. The choices are plentiful, and the budget options are more affordable than you think.

Spa and Wellness

For the ultimate relaxation seekers, many tropical beach escapes offer world-class spas and wellness options like yoga and vegan cuisine. Take a moment (or a week) to recharge the body and nourish the mind. Some of the most popular regions for this style of travel are Bali, Costa Rica, Thailand, Peru, Colombia, the Riviera Maya, and India.

Active and Adventure

Active and adventure travel probably isn't what comes to mind when thinking of a tropical beach vacation, but it is a perfect combination to both explore new places and then relax at the end of the day. Whether you only plan one adventurous outing on your trip, or one every day, Evening Star Travel can build your trip to have as much adventure in it as you want. Some adventure ideas are paddleboarding, jungle ziplining, hiking, rock climbing, cenote spelunking, windsurfing, and more.