Allergy Aware Travel

Allergies and food intolerance are being diagnosed more and more frequently. It can be difficult to travel away from home when you are unsure if the food will make you sick or not. However, with a bit of planning and awareness, even those with allergies and food intolerance can travel and have a wonderful time!

I am a diagnosed celiac so I am very familiar with food restrictions and bad reactions. I can help you and your family navigate local cuisine and help you made a decision as to places that should be safe to travel.

Of course, I can never guarantee that a reaction to food won't happen, and you should always consult your Dr prior to travel. But I can give you the tools to help you navigate an exotic location and make smart choices, so that you can get the most out of your vacation.

An allergy translation card and a list of foods that should be safe, along with inside knowledge of the food scene is a service that I provide, which is covered by your booking fees.

Proud to be an Independent Travel Agent through Nexion Travel Group Canada

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